diy Upcycled Poncho

patchwork ponchoDo you have a few sweaters kicking around that you don’t wear? Turn them into a fun, colorful diy upcycled poncho.

ponchos are not just for little girls!

evie ponchoLast fall I designed a few little girl poncho patterns and had the intentions of making them into women patterns, because ponchos are not just meant for little girls, right? Well, I put it off until I had someone request an adult size. It took me a while to tweak and get it right, but it tuned out kinda fun.

fleece ponchoLook how cute they are made up using fleece. Just think of all the possibilities and color combinations. Ahhhh, imagine one made up using all black fleece or sweater material, how classy and sharp that would look! Something I will definitely do. If any of you make one of these up, please send me photo so we can share it.

What is fun about these ponchos, is that you can wear them several ways. Flip it sideways and off center and it has a little more whimsy, playful look than just straight on centered. If you use felted wool sweaters, and sew the seams using a single needle sewing machine, the poncho looks real cute worn inside out with the seams exposed.

sweater seamsI use fleece on the neck binding which gives it a soft, comfortable feel around the neck.

poncho binding The neck binding is easy to sew using a technique I use that saves time and uses less steps than applying normal binding. LEARN HOW TO DO IT HERE.

These ponchos make a fun alternative to a light sweater.

Put a little playful back in your wardrobe!

The patterns are available in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Have fun sewing!





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