Making Tissue Paper Flowers

tissue flowersMaking tissue paper flowers is a fun and easy project that even little kids can master.  These adorable flowers can be used for so many things. They are quick and easy to make, inexpensive, and turn out beautifully no matter what you do with them. Make a bundle and place them in a vase, embellish gift wrapping, use them for party decorations or wear them in your hair. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, what a perfect project for you and the kids to whip up and give a gift that is simple and straight from the heart.

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One of the main reasons I wanted to do this post, was to show you how cute and easy it was to use a scrap of green felted wool sweater to make some leaves for this simple arrangement. I went to a wedding shower last week and wanted something bright and cheery to put on the brown bag that I put the gift in. I love brown recycled paper bags. You can do so much with them.


I already had a bunch of tissue circles cut out from a previous project so I was able to quickly whip up a few flowers to put on the sack. What I think really added to the flower arrangement was the green felted wool sweater leaves.20160426_162822 I got out my felted wool scraps box and found a piece of green sweater and cut out a few leaves.


Using a glue gun, I glued the two leafs together and then glued them to the base of the wired flowers.

IMG_5891Then I strung some jute through the loop and tied it to the sack handle. I added a gift tag and it was good to go. Simple, colorful, cheery and easy to make.

There are a lot of different types of flowers you can make using tissue paper, felted wool sweaters, felt and fleece.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this particular flower using the button and pipe cleaner version.

tissue circles

Cut out tissue paper

Cut out circles of tissue paper. The circles do not have to be perfect. I just eyeball and cut, about 3 1/2 inches wide. You can cut out different sizes and colors to get different effects. You can even cut slits in the circle to create more of a daisy look.


hole punchPunch holes in tissue

Using the smallest hole punch you have, punch out two holes side by side in the center of the circle. It does not have to be exact!



pipe cleanerApplying the stem

You can use green pipe cleaners or green floral wire for the stem. Stick the wire into a small button or even a bead can be used. Then stick the wire into the bottom layers of the flower (about 10 sheets of paper). If you are using a different color for the flower center, apply them next or add more layers of the same color.



Get another small button, (the button will not be seen) and stick the wire into the bottom of the button. Loop the wire back into the other button hole and back down through the other hole in the papers.





Thread the wire back into the bottom button hole and pull so the papers are tightly pressed together.






Twist the wire around several time and cut off excess if necessary.




20160426_164421Fluffing the papers

To add the texture and fullness to the flower petals, you will be scrunching the papers a few layers at a time. Start in the center and take a few layers and scrunch them up to the amount you like.





Work your way down scrunching and manipulating the paper to create the look you want. To give more of a poppy flower look, leave some of the bottom layers flat.





Get creative. Shape and scrunch to your hearts content.




Get out your felted wool scrap box, and make a few leaves. (I hope you are saving your scraps). See how they come in handy.

Look how easy it is to whip up a little flower goodness.






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