Yoga Strap Organization

Yoga Strap Organization

Is your yoga bag a big soup of props? Let’s see, I have a few yoga straps, an eye pillow, tissues, a few bottles of essential oils, mini balls (for foot work), and lip gloss. What is in your yoga bag? I am going to share with you a little tip I came across on yoga strap organization.

I was gathering my yoga props after teaching a class one morning and as I was rolling up the straps, I asked myself this question; why do I bother taking time to roll the straps up all nice when they just come unrolled in my bag and look like a bunch of noodles in a pot?” I had a big aha! I could use a rubber band or something to keep them rolled up.

So I went home and got in my kitchen junk drawer where I keep all those hefty rubber bands that go around celery bunches. Do you know what I am talking about? These rubber bands are great for so many things. Anyway, they are the perfect size to wrap around a rolled up yoga straptip(1)rubber bandsSo after you have taken the time to roll up your yoga strap, throw a rubber band around it and your yoga bag will look and feel so much nicer! No more yoga soup bag.




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