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I know this is the second post in a row about emotional clearing and the second post in a row with something for you to watch. But I think this so important and I HAVE to share this WONDERFUL information with you. Ahlea Khadro, the author of Loving Yourself to Great Health, is sharing a short video series on loving yourself. It will not be available for long, and has already started, but it is not too late to still sign up and watch the videos.  They are not long. They only run like 15 minutes or less and are chuck full of great information.

I find that one of the core issues to all our problems, whether they are health or emotional problems,  are from the lack of SELF LOVE !!!!.  Seriously, when I work with clients, if we could fix only one thing, this would be it. If we all loved ourselves and took care of ourselves first, this would solve so many problems.  

Without further rambling, here is the link for the videos.

I hope it works. Please shoot me a note if it doesn’t work on your end.

I highly encourage you to enroll in this short FREE video series that is available only for a short time. I love this girl!

Loving Yourself If you want a no nonsense way of going about eating healthy, and loving yourself, this is a book I highly recommend, LOVING YOURSELF TO GREAT HEALTH!  Ahlea co-authored this book with my favorite, Loise Hay and Heather Dane. Check it out!

More important, sign up to view the short video series, that I am sure will make a difference in your life!

Keep smiling!


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