Homemade Valentine Gifts From The Heart

valentine gifts

Valentine’s day is one of my most favorite holidays! I enjoy it more than Christmas. One day I contemplated why that is so, and I came to a conclusion. All the other holidays seem to have so many expectations and stress around them. Then in February there isn’t much going on, you are doing all you can to get through the cold dreary winter, and bright cheery valentine gifts just seem to brighten it up a bit. Gives you a little hope.

When Valentine’s day rolls around I know spring is just around the corner. But the real reason I think is that when I was a little girl, this was the only time I ever got a note from my mother. She would buy us all (six kids) a little Valentine treat and place it on our pillows. So when we went to bed on Valentine’s day, there would be a small box of chocolates, or some fun treat and most importantly a heartfelt note from our mother. This meant the world to me! I have done the same for my children, but they get notes from me all year long. 🙂

I do love my mother!!!  Homemade Valentine gifts from the heart mean the world to me and I am sure they will to those you love as well.

Valentine Gift Ideas

Here are a few ideas of some fun things you can make up for Valentine gifts using upcycled materials and fabric you have kicking around the house. There are a few printable items as well that you can download and print.

If you don’t sew or have a lot of time to make something, a heartfelt note, handmade card, a yummy homemade treat or meal is fabulous. The gift of YOUR TIME can be just as meaningful, or even more.

Just let your gift be from the heart. If you are giving from obligation or expecting something in return, the recipient can feel it energetically. Who wants to feel like an obligation or burden? Something to think about. So when you give, make sure it IS from the HEART.

There are still a few weeks left to gather up your ideas, your felted wool sweaters, or your paper and glue and let your creative juices flow!

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