Upcycled Felted Wool Sweater Balls

felted wool sweater balls

I hope you have been saving  the sweater scraps when you are cutting out your sweater mittens, slippers, or other felted wool projects, because I am going to show you how easy it is to make these adorable upcycled felted wool sweater balls. Who would have thought that you could still do something with a 3 inch piece of sweater. I don’t throw any of these precious scraps away, even the littlest pieces get saved for laundry dryer balls.

You are probably wondering what you do with a bunch of balls made with sweaters.

Instead of yarn pom poms on my elf slippers, I find a cute sweater color and make a sweater ball.

Look how cute they look just sitting in a bowl. Add a little color and texture to any room.

I have used them for a button on my tablet purse…….

…and on my “hip purse”.

Look how cute they look sewn to this little girl poncho.

Video Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how easy it is to make this little gems.

I know you can make similar balls that are more uniform using special wool fibers for “felting”, but I find these have a little more character, because of the different sweater textures and stitches.

I am hoping to have enough soon to make a fun garland.

Get your tote of scraps, a pair of scissors, a good movie and cut away.

I like to keep a plastic zip bag full of wool circles, thread and a pair of scissors. It makes a great on-the-go project. (For those of you who like to take advantage of down time while traveling, chilling out, or those fun stays in waiting rooms).

I would love to see if any of you have any other great ideas of how to use these cute little fellas. Send me your ideas or better yet, send me a snap of your creations.


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