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2015-10-15 15.19.11-1I thought it might be fun to show you my creative spaces, the rooms where I create. I say “spaces” because I have a few. My sewing, crafting space in the basement and my office where I do most of my graphic design and business. I would LOVE an outbuilding at the side of my yard for a yoga/crafting/art and consulting studio. My poor husband gets to place his laptop on the kitchen table. No, he has a garage full of tools, and can use the office whenever he wants.

Speaking of my dear husband, he is amazing! I think he knows how to do everything. What he doesn’t know how to do (which isn’t much) he learns how. We have an older home that was built in 1952. It is a charming home with character and lots of windows. We have pretty much remodeled every room in it. Here are a few photos of the basement sewing room. It used to be an old kitchen.


This is the sewing room before the remodel.


2015-10-15 15.20.22

Sewing room after remodel.



This is the kitchen dining room and living room.

This picture of my kitchen was taken on Valentine’s day. Love the banner I woke up to!

We have been fixing the house up since we bought it over 24 years ago. One room at a time. We have spent the last two years adding onto the back of the house in which my husband has done most of the work himself. I must say he does beautiful work, it just takes A LOT longer because he works full time. Yes, I am learning patience!!!! (More to come about our home addition endeavor in another post).

Him being an manufacturing engineer comes in quite handy. He is so good to help me implement and carry out my crazy ideas. We do make a good team. He has been so supportive all these years. I remember my first entrepreneurial endeavor when we lived in Seattle.  We had just moved there and I was 7 months pregnant. I was not working and Todd was gone all day, so I got busy. I created my first patterns, printed and packaged them and started selling them at the local Ben Franklin store. Here is a BIG throw back to 1989.


My sweetheart supporting me at the Kent Farmers Market. Selling my first pumpkins.

I guess it is in my blood because I am still at it. However, selling online is MUCH easier and more enjoyable than selling things at a craft show or farmers market. LOL.

I love recycling! There is just something in me that gets a thrill out of taking an item that is no longer needed, and giving it a second life. My home is mostly furnished with items that are refurbished, restored or handmade. I used to think, when money was tight, how nice it would be to just go out and buy something NEW. I have found that even when I can afford to buy a new item, I am drawn to items that have been refurbished or that are used. They seem to have more character and charm. I suppose my love for upcycling comes from generations of the motto “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”. I think this motto has served me well.I enjoy creating things that have unique colors, texture, and most of all……..a purpose.

2015-02-09 13.48.30As you can see, I have a love for felted wool sweaters. 2015-02-07 15.27.33The first pattern I designed using felted wool sweaters was a pair of mittens. I loved how the mittens felt on my hands and I got thinking how good they would feel on my fee. So, I designed a slipper pattern, and the rest is history.b4

I am still coming up with ways to use this unique material. Bags, hats, slippers, hand warmers, bunnies, bears, toys, flowers and even birds have been designed using my stash of felted wool sweaters. So many ideas spinning around in my head.

2015-10-15 15.40.36Sewing is only one of my passions. I dapple in a little of this and a little of that as I strive to find balance in my world of so many interests. I also enjoy painting, graphic design and teaching yoga. When I have a few spare minutes, I love to post tutorials, healthy recipes, and tips for sewing.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a portion of my home, the places where I create and that it might inspire you in some way to find your own creative space, your passion and your well being.




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