Studio_20150824_112923Want a little HOPE, JOY, INSPIRATION and POSITIVE THOUGHTS in your daily experience?

I love this calendar and I love Loise Hay. Who couldn’t use a little daily boost of positive self talk. This little flip calendar is a burst of hope in my daily life. I sit it on top of my dresser right by where I do my daily rebounding. It sets my intention for the day and helps me have a better outlook on life. Mornings can be a little overwhelming for me as I think of all the things that I want to accomplish. My mind can go to the post real easy in the morning.

I swear by the power of positive affirmations.  If you are not familiar with Loise Hay, it is time you look into all the wonderful things she does for all of us this planet.

I am just giving a quick shout out for yet another way she is giving to all us.

Hay House is offering this daily affirmations flip calendar for FREE, when you purchase any calendar from Hay House.

I know this is a 2015 calendar, but you still have several months of the year left, and I intend just to use it for daily thoughts for next year as well.

Not only do you get something FREE, you get 50% off of the calendar you order and FREE shipping on orders over $15.00. No brainier for a little hope in your life.

We all need some help getting our mind out of the gutter and focusing on what is GOOD in this world.

This is a limited time offer! Only good until August 31 or while supplies last. Just click on the photo above to be directed to Hay House page where you will see calendar offer.

I don’t get any perks for sharing this information, just passing it along.

Have a wonderful week!




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