Bowling Slipper Pattern

I am excited about my new bowling slipper pattern!  It has been a while since I have completed and listed a new pattern.  So much going on in my world right now.

This slipper pattern is designed to fit a little higher up on the foot, giving a little more snug coziness.  In this pattern tutorial I show how to use several different types if material to give them a more non-slip surface.  This however, is optional.

You can make these out of polar fleece as well, but you know how I love felted wool sweaters.  Just think of all the color and texture combinations you could come up with.  I had a lot of fun choosing sweaters for the prototypes.  By the way, I will be selling some of these that I used for the photo shoot in my authentic U Etsy shop at a discounted price.

If you were able to sort and organize your wool sweaters by colors, this makes choosing your sweaters for this project real fun.   If you are not sure what I am talking about, I did a post recently about organizing all your wool sweaters and tips on how to store them.

This pattern can be purchased and downloaded INSTANTLY from my Etsy shop, fibers and twigs, and my Craftsy shop.

Would love to see some of your wool sweater projects!

Have fun sewing!




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