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cash clutch
cash envelope purse
In a previous post I wrote about using Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system.
How are we doing with it?  Has anyone that wasn’t using it gave it a whirl?  I would love to hear some feedback.
I know I love these little tabs I have in my wallet, and I love Dave Ramsey’s system.  If you are not familiar with it and you want to get your spending in control and SAVE MONEY, this really works.
With the holidays approaching, what a great time to get your spending in control.
cash wallet
I have received a lot of inquiries regarding the wallet I have in this photo.  Everyone loves it and wanted to know where I got it.  Well I do love it also.  I got it Target years ago and they no longer carry it, as far as I know.  So I am always on the lookout for a “Good” wallet with style to use with the cash tabs.
I have had this clutch in my head for quite some time and have always wanted to make one up.  So I finally ordered the hardware and created a pattern.  So here it is, another fun option for you to  to organize your cash.
 cash tabs
Notice there are only FOUR slots for cards.  Ha, Ha.  Dave Ramsey
probably wouldn’t even have that many.  But I do have membership cards, a drivers license, library cards, and yes, my debit card.  So the little slots do come in handy.
These wallets are for sale in my Etsy shop.
cash envelope tabs
You can still get the PDF to print out your own alterable tabs here in my Etsy shop.
I want to mention one more thing before I end this post.  I have used this budgeting system for many, many years.  It has really saved my sanity and saved us tons of money.  The system is called MVELOPES, and can be located at
We used it for so many years with a monthly payment, and we finally just paid for the lifetime membership because I knew we wouldn’t ever want to stop using it, and we haven’t.
Instead of having thousands of dollars sitting around my house to use as cash, I just leave it in my bank and by using the mvelopes program, I have cash saved in my bank, and organized with the program.
So every two weeks when the paycheck is deposited into my accounts, I look in my wallet and see how much cash I need to withdraw from my account and I fund my envelopes wallet.  It is so much fun and easy to keep track of everything.  When the cash is gone out of my wallet, my cash is gone and the spending stops.  It makes it so much easier to know where you are at instead of being shocked with a credit card bill you don’t have money to pay.   I will give some screen shots and more detail advice in a future post.
Until then, if you are not familiar this system, do some research, get a wallet to help you stay organized and SMILE!


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  • LindsayJanuary 19, 2016 - 5:19 pm

    Hello. LOVE your wallet. Are they still for sale in your Etsy shop? I cannot find one! I would love to get one!ReplyCancel

    • JanJanuary 19, 2016 - 7:29 pm

      Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you. I don’t have any made up right now, but you can place a custom order for one if you would like.
      You can check out some of the wallets sold by scrolling through my “items sold” section.
      That way you can get an idea of some of the fabric used on other items and what they look like. I have a lot of
      different fabrics.
      If you are interested in ordering one, go to my authentic u store and click on “request custom order”. That way we can chat about details.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Enjoy the rest of your evening,

  • Stacie clemJanuary 7, 2017 - 2:04 am

    I would like one of the David Ramsey clutch purse.ReplyCancel

    • JanJanuary 7, 2017 - 10:02 am

      Hi Stacie, Here is to the link to my Etsy shop where you can click on “request a custom order” on the left sidebar. Then we can chat about placing an order. Enjoy your day!ReplyCancel

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