Upcycled Sweater & Paper Heart Garlands

heart garlands
Here are a few heart garlands I made for Valentine’s day.
  See how easy and quick you can whip one of these up using your felted wool sweaters.


felted hearts
I attached a few acrylic crystal pendants to the ends to add a little charm and sparkle.

Using your sewing machine, (or you could stitch by hand), sew down the center of each heart and sew 6-7 chain stitches between  each heart.  Continue until you have the desired amount of hearts and chain off.  Leave a long thread from your machine (about 12 inches) in case you want to add a pendant to the bottom.

If you want to add a pendant, thread a needle with the long chain you left on the end.  Stick the needle through the pendant and take a few stitches back in the bottom heart with the needle and thread.  Knot and pull through to hide your knot and cut thread.
This are so cute hung from the ceiling.  It would be really cute to hang several chains in a group with different lengths.
Another fun idea is to tape one to your kids ceilings with a valentine note attached.
If you don’t have felted wool sweaters, do not despair :), these
garlands work up real cute with colored card stock paper.  Just sew the
paper.  I did this last year with great success.
Get a variety of colorful paint chip samples from the paint department and cut out various sizes of hearts.  This works out real well.
Use a fun zig zag stitch or a simple straight stitch works too.
Use your creative bones and have fun making valentine’s!




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