Clutter Free – Hot spots for clutter

I have a bench at the bottom of my bed, and it is just ONE of my hot spots for clutter.  Where are the hot spots that attract clutter in your house?

Once you determine where the hot spots are and what items are usually left out, then you can create a plan of attack.

  • Do the items have a home?  (A place where they belong)
  • Is it inconvenience that is keeping you from putting things away?
  • Is it a habit?

There are a lot of things that effect what we do, so take time to ponder what might be the root cause of the clutter, and decide what it is you need to do to conquer.
The biggest thing is to change the way we do things.  If we keep doing things the way we have been doing, we will keep getting the same results.

Brooke, from her blog Slow Your Home,has some great little tidbits that her readers shared on the topic of keeping your home clutter free.  Check it out here.

So, I have made a conscience decision to not go to bed with anything on the bench at the bottom of my bed.

So far so good.  Little things at a time.
Keep at it.

Let me know how the clutter busting is going in your home, or if you have any great tips to share.  We all would love to hear them!

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