Taking Care of Yourself – The Art of Self-Care

I have to share with you an amazing audio book I just purchased and listened to.  I love Cheryl Richardson and the things she shares and teaches.  She is so down to earth and full of wisdom.

I ordered the audio and love listening to it while I am busy sewing, driving or doing chores.  I enjoy it so much that I ordered the book as well.  There is something about having a hard copy, where I can dog ear and write little notes on the pages.

In this book she offers
you 12 strategies to transform your life one month at a time.  Designed
as a practical, action-oriented program, each chapter challenges you to
alter one behavior that keeps getting you in trouble.
The CD
set is filled with personal stories of how Cheryl and others have
learned to make the practice of Extreme Self-Care their new standard for
living. With chapters such as “End the Legacy of Deprivation,” “Take
Your Hands off the Wheel,” “The Absolute No List,” and “Does That Anger
Taste Good?” you will stop the endless cycle of self-betrayal and
neglect that stems from daily violations of self-care.
chapter includes a relevant resource section that offers books,
Websites, audio programs, podcasts, and more should you want to explore a
particular topic further.
I ordered this audio a few weeks ago, and ironically a few days ago, I get this email form Nick Ortner with his 10 days of holiday celebration.  He is offering free screenings of some awesome video clips from various people, and one of them is of Cheryl Richardson.  It is awesome!!!!   You can watch it here.

Nick is also streaming his movie The Tapping Solution for free as well until the 20th of December.  Learn more about that is my previous post.

Cheryl talks about how to set boundaries and say “NO” to
others in order to live the life you want to live, and how to do it
without feeling guilty or worrying that you’re hurting or letting others
down.  This is something I struggle with.  It was very insightful and is going to help me shift this.
Do you find yourself doing things out of obligation or in fear of hurting someone’s feelings?  Do you say “YES” when you mean “NO” and “NO” when you mean “YES” ?  This is unhealthy and will only cause you pain and disappointment, and your needs are not being met.  Cheryl tells how EFT (emotional freedom technique), will help.
It’s time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, and Cheryl has some great ideas on how to do so.
I encourage you to at least listen to this free video clip that is being offered and if you like it, you may want to invest in the cd set or books.
Enjoy and be true to your authentic self!!!!


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