Simple Black Illustrated Clipboard Calendar – Back By Popular Demand

This year I wasn’t planning on doing a black illustrated calendar. Just figured I had enough options out there and didn’t want to have too many choices for people.  That is what I love about IN N OUT BURGER, there are only a few items on the menu.  Simple, to the point and yummy.

However, I am having several requests for the SIMPLE, BLACK, ILLUSTRATED calendar.  This is where the clipboard calendar all began.  (I will admit, this is my favorite calendar and the one I display in my kitchen).  Just like the burger place, I guess.  Simple, sharp images without a lot of extra hoopla.

I remember drawing up image in black ink, running to the copy center to reduce the images.  Cutting and pasting up each page.  Wow, that shows you how technology has changed in such  little time.  Now things are much easier.


Another reason I hesitated was that I really didn’t have a lot of new black ink images drawn up.  So, this year you will be getting some reruns, but it all works good together.  Next year I vow to have all new images drawn up.  So, I will be plotting in my head what to draw up next.
Thanks to so many of you who have supported my work.  Something I really do enjoy doing each year.
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