Comfrey, a Must in Everyone’s Garden!



Comfrey is a perennial herb (comes back every year), that we grow in our garden and use frequently.  The plant is VERY easy to grow.  You may need to get a start from someone who already has it growing, as I have not seen it in any nurseries or garden centers. The genus name for comfrey is symphytum, and means to “heal together”.  It is well known to assist healing in any part of the body that is torn or broken.

comfrey plantThe plant will get quite large, 3 to 4 feet wide and tall, so leave some room for it to grow. It has a little pink or purple flower, and very big, fuzzy leaves.

I have seen it heal chemical burns, sunburns, and assist rapid healing in deep wounds with no scaring.


Just last week my son hit his face pretty hard on a rail while skiing and his lip was pretty messed up (not the first time this has happened), he asked if we had any comfrey to put on it.  Even my kids know the many benefits of this plant.

Usually we would just go out and pick a leaf from the garden, but the comfrey plants are currently under 2 feet of snow.  Luckily I had some already blended up in the freezer.  

Last fall I took a bunch of comfrey leaves and washed them and blended them up to make a thick paste.  I then spooned it out into ice cube trays and froze it.  Then I just popped them out into zip bags and put it in the freezer for times just like this. Then all we have to do is take a cube out, thaw it and apply where needed. 

My son just took a blob of green goop and placed it all over his top lip, and sat there while he did his homework.  He did this a few times and by the third day, you could hardly tell he even had an injury.

I could go on and on about this amazing plant and give you several more personal experiences on how it has helped us.


In a nut shell, comfrey leaves and roots are used externally as a poultice or ointment for:

  • bruises
  • broken bones,
  • wounds
  • pulled muscles and ligaments
  • reducing inflammation
  • sprains
  • And more. 

I use comfrey to make a wonderful healing salve, which is very easy to make. You can find the tutorial and recipe for the salve HERE.  

Having this herb growing where you have easy access to it is a good step in being a little more self-reliant.  I feel much more at peace with my comfrey plant just outside my door!

Spring is just around the corner and it will be soon be time to get your hands in the dirt.  Yea, I can’t wait!

So be thinking of a place in your garden where you can plant this baby. If you live in Utah, I would love for you stop by and I can give you a start. Just send me a note if you are interested.


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