My Favorite Herb and Food Reference Books

best reference booksHere are two of my most favorite books!  Out of all the herb and food reference books I have, these have been the most useful to me.

Here are two of my most favorite books! Out of all the herb and food reference books I have, these books have been the most useful to me. Lalitha Thomas does a wonderful job teaching about herbs and foods in such a way that is interesting and not overwhelming.

10 Essential Foods:

The author presents 10 essential foods for optimal health and well-being. Each food listed is significant in its ability to provide healthy dosages of either beta carotene, essential amino acids, disease-preventing phytochemicals, calcium, and vitamin B-12, among others. Thomas’ writing is factual and straightforward, with a touch of humor to make the book more enjoyable. She provides a wealth of information on each of her chosen ten essential foods, and then she provides an additional chapter on meat, poultry, and dairy. While her focus is primarily on a vegetarian lifestyle, she does give healthy possibilities for those still desiring to include these foods as part of their diet.

10 Essential Herbs:

There is so much wisdom in this book!  I have been learning and using herbs for quite some time now, and this is the book I refer to the most.  Each herb is covered thoroughly, with excellent referencing to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. I love the personal stories that the author shares.  She explains how to use the herbs, how to store and buy herbs, and teaches basic remedies you can easily make yourself.  A must for anyone who wants to be self-reliant and healthy!

I purchased a used set for my daughter and son for Christmas.  My son, 17 years old, seriously read 10 Essential Herbs for a book report in English and loved it.  He refers to it and has even used some of the remedies! He is now reading 10 Essential Foods.   I love the kids learning this stuff for themselves instead of always relying on Mom for everything. They were excited about getting their own set and I know will use this stuff with their own families some day.

You can get used or new copies of these books.  I highly recommend them.  Enjoy!




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