Aromatherapy and Washing Dishes!


Who would have thought washing dishes could be aromatherapy? A sink full of hot, sweet smelling sudsy water is like heaven for your hands. I have used Mrs. Meyer’s soap for years.  It really does make washing the dishes enjoyable.

Where can I buy it?

It used to be that I I could only find it in specialty shops, or online.  I used to stock up when I went to Whole Foods Market, which is 50 miles away, because I could not find it locally.  Now you can buy it at most stores, even Walmart was selling it for a while and it available on amazon!

Basil is my favorite!  It has a yummy, clean fresh scent.  They have a new scent that just came out that is good called Bluebell.  It is pretty good too.  There are only a few scents that I don’t like.  I use the dish soap to make my own cleaners.  I have made my own non-toxic cleaners for over 10 years with great success.
Mrs. Meyer’s has surface scrub, laundry soap, hand soap, surface clearer, laundry sheets, etc.  I just started using the laundry soap and like it too.
Occasionally the cleansers will come with a $1.00 off coupon attached to it.  It will be a little more expensive than you average soaps, but WAY worth it for the quality and non toxic aspect.  Other non-toxic soaps I have tried just don’t cut it.  They don’t cut the grease and smell terrible.  This soap is awesome.
Have fun washing dishes!


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