Recycling is HIP!


As I was creating this purse, I found that not only did I have recycled sweaters to use, there were other items that I had saved to REUSE.  Now I am not one of those people who save everything. I have tried to save things in an orderly manner over the years, and it can be real challenging to know what to keep and what not to keep, and it can get out of control.

Yes, I do need to go through my stash and get rid of some stuff, BUT I have to admit, it was quite rewarding to be able to use some of my goods on this project.

I love working with felted wool and am always on the lookout for second hand wool sweaters that have character, nice texture and color.  You might say my collection was getting a little out of hand.  There is only so much space in this house and there is NOT any more room for another tote of sweaters.

Hip Messenger Bag
So, I thought it was a good idea to start using up some of this stuff.  So to the drawing board I went.  I have many ideas rolling around in my head and this “HIP” messenger bag has been a project I have wanted to do for some time now.  The pattern is available at my craftsy shop or in my etsy shop.


I thought it might be interesting to share what I used and how I acquired it.
Here are a few picts of some of my stuff.
Here is my zipper box.  If I am ever getting rid of something I always check to see if it has a GOOD zipper.  (nice color, unique tab, or silver teeth)


This is the box I keep cording, braided belts, old straps and their hardware.  These come in very handy.


You can never have enough buttons!   I have been known to buy something at the thrift store just for the buttons.
So the question is ……. to save or not to save?  Well, I think it is good to save SOME things.  Stay in control and make your stash as organized as possible.  If you don’t know what you have (if it is crammed in boxes
or hidden deep in the closet)  you will never use it.  I am not one to
talk.  I have some dejunking to do myself.  Just keep in mind, that too much stuff and clutter can drain your energy and be overwhelming.
Just think of all the fun gifts you can make from items you already have.  Look through your stuff, pitch what you don’t need and recycle the good stuff into something fabulous!
Remember it is  o.k to save it, but then use it!
Happy sewing!
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