Yummy Fall Garden Goodness!

Even though my garden is full of weeds, and not manicured and kept up like I had intended, the other night I was feeling  a lot of gratitude for my little garden and just wanted to soak it all in because I know things will soon be changing.  The evening light and temperature was perfect.  I ran and got my camera and walked around the garden and took some pictures.  I like having visuals of the changes of the seasons.  It helps me keep things in perspective and able to just enjoy and appreciate the current conditions knowing that just around the corner, a new season will appear.  

I felt a little sad to think that all this yummy garden goodness will soon be gone come the first Utah frost. I love being able to go out to the garden and pick a
fresh, VINE RIPENED tomato for a sandwich, salad or just to eat sliced
with a little bit of salt. 

I have enjoyed going out in the mornings and
grabbing some fresh parsley,  kale and a handful of raspberries for my
green smoothie.

The peaches have come and gone.  Oh how good they tasted in my morning muesli!  I was able to freeze a few for smoothies.
Even if you don’t have a garden of your own, find a fruit stand, open farmer’s market or the produce section of your grocery store, and enjoy some YUMMY FALL GARDEN GOODNESS!

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