It’s that time of year and time to do a little spring cleaning. How about a little non-toxic cleaning? Could the products you are cleaning with be making you sick and tired?  The chemicals that remove stains, kill bacteria and leave your home shining are often harmful if you use them incorrectly or use them at all. The ingredients used in many cleaners are known to cause all kinds of health problems: nerve damage, cancer, allergies, behavioral problems, reproductive abnormalities, auto-immune disease, just to name a few.

Why I switched to natural cleaners

After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease myself 16 years ago, I have become more aware of what I put into my body both internally by the way of eating and externally by things that are absorbed through the skin and through the respiratory system.  After finding myself feeling sick and fatigued after cleaning, I questioned if the products I was using were to blame.  I began my research and experimentation with “natural” cleaners.  I purchased many natural cleaners from the health store and was not impressed with their cleaning action and they did not leave my house smelling fresh and clean, (which is a big deal for me).

have you Ever considered making your own natural cleaners?

I began checking out books from the library and researching about how to make your own cleaners.  I tried many recipes and techniques and came up with several concoctions that I have been using in our home for over 10 years now, with great results, and they smell great too!

The cleaners I use are very easy to make and only take minutes to mix up. You will save money by using common ingredients around the home and essential oils that disinfect and clean very nicely without all the toxic fumes and chemicals.

I used to keep the recipes for the cleaners on note cards and it seemed every time I needed to make up a batch, I couldn’t find the recipe.  So I would type up the recipe and tape it to the squirt bottles.  I like organization and it bothered me to have random sized squirt bottles and containers in my cleaning box.  So, I found some nice bottles and squirt handles and ordered them.  I designed some cute labels that are color coded, so I know what bottle is what, AND the recipe is right on the label.  No more searching for the recipe when it is time to whip up another batch.

You can purchase the labels, or a printable PDF file to print out your own in
my etsy shop.

I no longer feel sick and fatigued after cleaning. Occasionally I help my friend clean a business she works at. I use the cleaners they have there, wow, I feel YUCK afterwards.

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My next endeavor is to make up some “natural” laundry detergent and dish washing cleaners.  Have you tried any of the recipes floating around?

If you have a great natural cleaning recipe that you LOVE, let me know.

Remember, cleaning is a JOY!

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