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Drink Lemon Water
Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is one of the easiest things I do to improve my health. It doesn’t take long to prepare, it’s inexpensive and there is nothing better than to wake up to the fresh, invigorating smell of a lemon.
I used to think that lemons were acidic and worried that it would make my body pH too acid.  But it actually does the opposite.  One of the most important benefits of lemon is that, once digested, it is alkalizing to the body and helps keep the body at the correct pH level. When our body is at the correct pH level the body is able to heal itself, assimilate nutrients and fight off unwanted illness.
 Jethro Kloss details the value of lemons in his book, “Back to Eden.” He describes how lemons prevent bacteria buildup, in the body. They are also anti-scorbutic, a term referring to their ability to prevent disease and to help purify the body of impurities.
It is great to help relieve symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, and bloating.  Drinking lemon water regularly will help the bowels eliminate waste more efficiently and relive symptoms of constipation.  Lemon juice acts as a liver tonic and helps you digest your food by helping your liver produce more bile.  When I would go out to eat, I used to order a glass of water with lemon in it until I read this article.  It does help digest help digest all that food you just ate, but you just might want to bring your own lemon slices from home. Just slip some lemon slices in a baggy and stuff it in your purse to avoid the germs that might be lurking on the lemons in the restaurants. 
In her book, “You Are What You Eat,” Dr. Gillian McKeith states, “A warm cup of water first thing in the morning (and even better with a squeeze of lemon) goes right through the bowels and cleans mucus out from the day before. Drink another cup in the evening too.”
It is said to help your body lose weight.  That is a no brainer, because if your digestive system is functioning properly, then you are less prone to weight gain.  (I will go into that subject in greater detail at a later date).
It is also thought to help dissolve gallstones and kidney stones.  I know this is true, because whenever I start having kidney pains in my back, I just start drinking my lemon water and it will go away. 
Lemon, being a natural antiseptic, can help with skin problems.  The high content of vitamin C enhances your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within and thus bringing a glow on your face. Daily consumption of lemon water can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. 
So, here are the benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water daily in a nutshell:
    Helps keep the body at a normal pH level.
    Prevents  bacteria buildup in the body.
    Relives symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, bloating and constipation.
    Digestive aid  and liver tonic.
    Clears mucus and phlegm.
    Helps maintain healthy body weight.
    Help dissolve kidney and gallstones.
    Gives your skin a healthy glow.
So how to drink lemon water?
First thing in the morning, preferably a ½ hour before you eat your breakfast, cut a lemon in half. (Giving it a good roll, pressing it into the counter before you cut it, will help get more juice out).  Using some kind of citrus juicer squeeze out the juice. I usually get about 1 1/2 tablespoons from a half of lemon. 

 Don’t throw you lemon peel away.  You can use it for a several things.  If it is an organic lemon, you can freeze it and use when you need some lemon zest, or slice then freeze.  I use the slices in my green smoothies. (more to come about that as well).  I like to rip up the rinds a bit and throw it down my disposal.  It helps disinfect the blades and keeps it smelling nice.  You can also rub down your counter top with the juiced lemon to disinfect, then just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Add water, preferably not real cold.  Warm water is easier for your body to assimilate and it also helps stimulate the bowels.

I like to use a straw to keep the lemon off of my teeth.  (Remember, the lemon is acidic until it is digested.)
I love my hand held juicer!  Simple, doesn’t take any room on  my counter top, inexpensive, and does a great job.


At one time, I thought I needed to buy a nice juicer that sits on your counter top and that you pull the lever to squeeze the juice out. Well, I tried one and decided against it.  For one thing it was quite pricey, it wasn’t that easy to use, it was bulky to clean, and where was I going to store it.  I like the least amount of clutter on my counter top as possible.  So I found this baby.  It is very easy to use and I just give it a rinse after each use and let it dry. I love it and isn’t it cute.  I love the bright orange color.  This one is actually an orange juicer, but I figure I can use it for oranges and lemons.  It does come in a bright cheery yellow as well. I just bought mine at a local kitchen store, but I have seen them on amazon for around $10.00.


I like to sip it while I exercise.  I used to feel like I needed to eat right when I got up in the morning, because my stomach hurt, but not anymore.  I can wait until I am finished exercising and then eat.  I really do feel so much better!
So, make it a part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning and enjoy the many benefits of a healthier YOU!
Let me know if you have anything to add or your experiences drinking lemon water.
Stay tuned for Healthy Habit #2!
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