So here it is 2012. My head is spinning with all the things I want to share, write about and design this coming year. I am not much of a writer, and blogging is new to me, so I hope you will be patient as I learn and experiment with this adventure.

This holiday season was a little crazy this year. We took our family on a Western Caribbean cruise just before Christmas. It was so nice to experience warm sunny weather in the middle of a cold Utah winter.  We had a wonderful time seeing some amazing places, being together and even getting a little color to our skin.
Although I didn’t have a lot of gifts to buy, because the cruise was most of our Christmas, I found myself a little panicked when I came home and had only a few days until Christmas. I still had some gifts to make, and loose ends to tie up to be able to pull everything together. I tried to simplify things as much as possible, but still found myself stressing over trivial things. I intended on having things all ready before we left, but didn’t, oh well. There were things that didn’t get done, and you know what………..we still had a wonderful Christmas. Things we stress over?
So the holiday’s have come and gone and I am ready to move on. I have had this craving to clean out, get rid of clutter, and organize. Not only my home, but my body as well. After eating poorly and not being on my regular exercise program for a few weeks, I feel like yuck. I couldn’t wait to come home from the cruise and have a GREEN smoothie. I am excited to get back to my routine, and even implement some new healthy habits into my life. There is always room for improvement and great things to learn.

Over the next month, I am going to share with you my TOP TEN HEALTHY HABITS that I have learned and use that help me feel better physically and mentally.

Stay tuned as I will be going over each of them in detail.
Please feel free to comment and share what works for you.

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