Give Something Cozy From Your Heart!

Give Something Cozy From Your Heart!
What a great time of the year to give something cozy from your heart. When I think of giving something from the heart I think of something I have made, something that I have spent some time on, something that has taken some effort and even some of my precious time. 
Giving and making a gift does not mean you have to spend a lot of money buying supplies or take a lot of time making something tedious and it does not need to be stressful.  In fact, you would be surprised how relaxing it can be to thread a needle, sit yourself down in front of a good movie and do a little hand work!  
Some projects can be very quick, easy and inexpensive like…..maybe some cozy slippers, or warm hand hugging mittens.  
fingerless mittenssweater mittenssweater slippers
The best thing of all is to be able to RECYCLE something not so wonderful into something FABULOUS, like maybe an old wool sweater!
I have posted before on how I love this stuff, so I won’t go on about that, however I have come across some resources for you to buy some great sweaters and a fun blog to follow.  
Here you will find ideas of what to do with your wool sweaters, and you can even purchase them at a reasonable price.  Some thrift stores I have been to charge more than this.
So, if “ewe” like to recycle, and if “ewe” like wool this is a fun place to look.
Get your patterns, sweaters and have fun making and giving something from the heart this year.


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  • ResweaterDecember 5, 2011 - 2:17 pm

    Thanks for the mention! I just love those slippers! I can’t think of anything better than recycled wool slippers for gifts!ReplyCancel

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